Many owners of apartments and homes remodel each year to incorporate the latest trends into their structures either for their pleasure or to make their structure more appealing to renters or buyers. It is no different in 2019 since there are some exciting new trends that will be popular all throughout the year. These trends range from the use of different colours in the kitchens to more use of sustainable, natural materials. To further educate you on this topic, we provide the following examples of the 2019 trends in apartment and home renovation ideas.

Shades of Green Make a Décor Comeback in 2019

In past years, shades of green have been used only for accent colours, but that is about to change this year. Green walls, various shades of green for upholstery and even green in the curtains will be the trend now at least for the next twelve months.

Moody Rooms Replace All-White Ones

Sultry shades of gray and other deep shades will take the place of white in kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms in apartments and homes to create moody rooms instead of sterile ones. People have tired of how difficult all-white rooms are to keep looking clean since they show every speck of dirt and stain.

Granite Is Out for Countertops

While marble, engineered quartz, wood, stainless steel, laminate and other materials will still trend in 2019, granite is out for this year. The reasons for this fact is its porosity and care instructions, and that it dates the kitchen severely.

Ceilings Will Make Bold Statements in 2019

In 2019, ceilings will become as much a part of the décor as walls and other fixtures in homes and apartments. They will no longer just be white since they will be full of vibrant colours and intricate designs. Anything goes for ceilings this year.

Matte Finishes Gain Popularity

Some finishes will not shine this year due to the fact that they are matte in nature instead of glossy. Finishes of this style create an entirely new, intriguing and relaxing look and feel to kitchens and bathrooms where everything usually gleams in the light.

Natural and Sustainable Materials Will Be in Once Again This Year

The movement to natural, sustainable materials in renovations for apartments and homes will continue this year. Materials, such as these, help maintain a healthy interior as well as preserve the environment.

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