After tenants leave apartment units, it is important for the landlords to ready the units before attempting to rent them to prospective tenants. The apartments must be attractive, clean and in good shape to lure new tenants into signing a lease. If landlords are not careful, though, they can overspend on remodeling the apartments. To help you from falling into this trap, we offer you the following refurbishment tips on your apartment units.

1. Give the Apartment a Generic Look

Plan on the apartment having a generic look. It should be similar to what a blank canvas is for an artist. Prospective tenants should be able to view their belongings sitting in the apartment.

2. Repair or Clean Flooring Options Instead of Replacing Whenever Possible

At times, flooring options may need replacing, but this is only if they cannot be repaired or deep-cleaned to refurbish them. We recommend not replacing flooring options before their expected lifespan whenever possible. Most carpeting should last for between 7 to 12 years. Hard floor options vary in lifespan.

3. Fresh Coat of Paint Is a Low-Cost Refurbishment

Repainting the apartment is a cost-effective remodeling task that will definitely catch the eye of prospective tenants. No one wants to rent a place with another person’s stains and damage on the walls. Also, if the ceiling needs repainting, do not hesitate to include it in your renovation plans.

4. Pay Special Attention to the Kitchen and Bathroom

Typically, prospective tenants will notice the kitchen and the bathroom(s) more than any other rooms in the apartment. For the cabinets in these rooms, you can replace the doors and if needed the cabinetry for a quick inexpensive facelift. Replace hardware if necessary.

5. Replace Lighting and Plumbing Fixtures If They Are Beyond Help

Plumbing and lighting fixtures can be replaced so as to standardise and modernise. Your Modern light fixtures will save costs in the long term and so you will recoup the initial cost.

For additional refurbishment tips before renting an apartment unit to prospective tenants, consult with Apartment Refurbishments. We specialise in apartment refurbishments and renovations in the Sydney metropolitan area. Our experts will advise you about your plans and help you bring your vision into fruition in an attractive, functional and leasable way.