Living Spaces


A professional apartment renovation is always a complex project which- when expertly executed- will provide you the upgraded living space which everyday delivers the comfortable, enhanced, and personally enriching lifestyle you’ve been seeking. In addition, a smart, stunning, and functional renovation gives you the healthy satisfaction and daily reward you’ve worked so hard to achieve.
(in addition to the most competitive sales quotes available on the market)

Upgrading your living space is a smart investment in your future, but every comprehensive, professional renovation must adhere to your budget, and must be completed with all legitimate budget concerns as the priority. At Apartment Refurbishments we pride ourselves in our ability to serve our client’s specific renovation needs, and execute the proper plan to a mutually satisfied completion.


In recent years Unit Refurbishments have evolved from what were formerly basic unit renovations, into comprehensive architectural, aesthetic and complete lifestyle transformations. At Apartment Refurbishments we look at older buildings as opportunities to reinvigorate the fine workmanship, construction standards, and among the highest quality building materials ever used during the construction of these faded gems from our industry’s past.

Refurbishment is the unique opportunity to restore, enhance and upgrade some of the finest interiors and exteriors which might otherwise be facing serious neglect.
For us- and our clients- it’s an opportunity to reinvest our expertise in existing examples of excellent construction, and then allow our client investment to grow with their future.
We believe that smart refurbishment of our past will create great investments for our future!


That’s what we do.

That’s all we do!


Servicing Inner Sydney – Eastern Suburbs & Sydney Metro Area. We at Apartment Refurbishments are proud of our Client Testimonials.