One major hurdle to overcome when Refurbishing an Apartment is how to maximize space without cluttering it up. Follow our following tips for Renovating any Apartment.

Paint the Walls a Light, Neutral Shade

Whether Refurbishing an Apartment to rent or to live in, you should paint the walls a light neutral shade, this allows the eye to span without stopping. Dark shades and complex wallpapers afford larger areas, dark shades will make the apartment look and feel smaller.

Install Sufficient Storage Options Throughout the Apartment

Even though your apartment has limited floor space, you still need sufficient storage options beyond just closets. An easy way to provide this throughout the apartment is to use the walls, by installing custom joinery, either exposed or hidden shelving. Belongings can be arranged in an attractive manner while storing them out of the way at the same time. If your apartment has stairs, build storage under them. This area is often wasted.

Avoid Overstuffed or Heavy Furniture Pieces

Another tip on how to maximize space without the clutter when refurbishing an apartment. Minimalist-style pieces take up far less space, are highly functional and attractive, and do not create a cluttered look and feel.

Hang Utensil Racks on the Walls in the Kitchen to Avoid Clutter  

Your kitchen also needs to be free of clutter. An ideal way to accomplish this is by hanging at least one utensil rack on the wall. By doing so, you can prevent your utensils from cluttering up your countertops or drawers for that fact.

Hang Mirrors in Strategic Locations for an Illusion of Spaciousness

Mirrors are your best friend to make an apartment appear spacious. Take advantage of views by positioning a mirror so as to reflect the view from different angles in the apartment. There is only one rule for bathroom mirrors! That is going bigger!

For further tips on maximizing space without the clutter when refurbishing an apartment, turn to Apartments Refurbishments. We Take the time to meet with our clients to discuss Visions and Specifications of the Job, The Timeframe and Budget.

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