Apartment kitchens are often such tight spaces that they present a challenge as far as kitchen renovation designs are concerned. With this being said, you can still improve your limited-space in numerous ways when you learn the following ideas.

Change the Cabinet Doors and Hardware

If your current cabinets do not require replacement, change their doorsandhardware to refresh their appearance. Numerous possibilities are available for this renovation design. You can install doors and hardware that complement the rest of your apartment décor style.

Replace Worn Cabinets with Custom-Made Ones

Instead of replacing just the doors and hardware on your cabinets, your entire cabinets may need replacing, At times it may look odd to have new doors when the internal show the ware of years. Custom-made Cabinets are built according to your unique measurements. Therefore,higher cabinetry will increase kitchen space.

Install New Flooring

In place of worn flooring, choose to install one of the latest tile, stone or laminate flooring options to enhance your kitchen. Also, you may select a lighter colour if your current floor is too dark.

Add LED Light Strips and Ceiling Lights

To illuminate your work surfaces in the kitchen, add LED lighting options in strategic locations. LED lights are highly efficient and energy-conserving.

Replace the Countertops

Installing a resilient countertop material in place of a laminated one is another ideal kitchen renovation idea. Today, there are so many options for this with the top one being engineered quartz.

Update Your Sink and Tapware

An additional space-friendly remodelling design option is to update your dated tapware and Sink with new high-quality mixer tap and large stainless steel sink.

Protect Your Kitchen Walls with Splashbacks 

Safeguard your kitchen walls with attractive, durable splashbacks. These elements can be out of the same material as your Benchtops or you can select a different material, such as toughened glass or tile.

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