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Our gallery page will allow you to experience a design library of enduring Bathroom Renovations to assist with your new Bathroom layout and tile choice, Amalgamating Life Style and Practicality.

APARTMENT REFURBISHMENTS understands that Bathrooms today can be vastly different, with sleek new looks and minimalistic appeal, combined with a kaleidoscope of tile choices… Your New Bathroom becomes an expression of your personal style.

APARTMENT REFURBISHMENTS understands that every Bathroom for a Rental Property has to be Cost Effective, Functional, and Timeless in its presentation

Commitment, Quality and Experience

This is what you get with every Bathroom Renovation project from Apartment Refurbishments
Our Bathroom rebuilds are built to last with an enduring quality, guaranteed to last for many years.

Time Frame for a full Bathroom Renovation   

Average time taken to renovate a bathroom is Three Weeks 

Let us have a quick guide through the process:

  • Four Days – Stripping out of a Bathroom
  • One day – Plumbing Reworks
  • One day – Electrical Rewiring
  • One Day – Walls Resurfacing
  • One Day – First coat, Waterproofing with use of membrane to drainage points and corners, Plus 24/hours drying time after each application of waterproofing
  • One day – Second coat, Waterproofing
  • One day – The bed goes down, a sand and cement mixture laid on the under laying surface ensuring the correct drainage falls
  • Three Days – Drying of the Sand Cement Bed. This is what the floor tiles are adhered to and needs to be thoroughly dry for the new bed to be sealed by applied waterproofing compound
  • One day – Waterproofing the new bed. Important to membrane down into the drainage points
  • One day – Second Coat Waterproofing Bed & Corners
  • Two to Three Days – Tiling
  • One Day – Cleaning Tile surfaces from tile grout film and application of bathroom grade corking
  • One Day – Plumbing Fitout, Toilet Suite – Shower and Vanity areas
  • One Day – Electrical Fitout and General Fittings
  • One Day – Shower Screen installation and General Clean.

Bathroom Renovation Timeframe 21 Days

This Schedule has been drafted to act a general guide

Most Important Factor of a Bathroom Renovation 

WATER PROOFING: Why! Why! Why! Are there after issues with contractors waterproofing? WATER PROOFING must be done by a licence waterproofing contractor, The Water proofer is a profession in itself, a Specialty Trade. We at Apartment Refurbishments are a Specialty Company who use a proven team of experienced Specialty Trades.

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