We offer some tips on how to renovate according to your tenant’s needs and wants in the following.

Consider the Apartment from the Tenants’ Point of View

Try to look at your apartment from the tenants’ perspective. Decide whether your design ideas are too much about your preferences and not enough about what will appeal to a wide range of people. It is best to design your apartment in a generic fashion. Prospective tenants need to be able to picture their furnishings in your Apartment in order to want to rent it.

Add Functionality and Ambiance to the Bathroom and Kitchen Areas

Concentrate the bulk of your renovation on the Bathroom and Kitchen areas of your apartment. These rooms are the most used of all of the areas in any type of residence. You can capture the attention of prospective tenants easily when these rooms are updated with current trends. Ensure that the flooring, Walls, and Tiles are in ideal condition. Your apartment will look and feel fresh.

Update Lighting to Energy-Efficiency 

Update the lighting to make it energy-efficient and consistent. By doing so the Apartment will have a calming and desirable flow whilst keeping up with modern lighting concepts and trends.

Ensure That the Floors Are Easy to Maintain

Whenever you need to include flooring in your renovation efforts, do not install some fancy material that takes special care to retain its attractive appearance. Ideal functionality is available today with style in a variety of floating floor materials.

Decorate the Apartment with Neutral Shades 

Another renovation tip includes decorating your Apartment in neutral shades. Your prospective tenants will know that their color selections in furnishings will fit into your apartment without clashing. White is the go-of choice for many landlords, there are over 60 shades and color strengths available for you to choose from.

WORDS of Wisdom:

Your Apartment no matter owner-occupied or tenanted, Needs periodic upkeep and preventative maintenance, yes it costs, But look at the cost as a percentage of its gross worth. A Prestigious Apartment attracts a Prestigious Tenant. And Vice Versa.

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