Regardless of the reason that you own an apartment or even a complex of them, the best option to add to the market value is through refurbishing and remodeling. Various rooms or areas of an apartment are used more and therefore, show wear and tear faster than other parts. Redoing these particular rooms also increases the value of your property more than when you renovate the other rooms that are not used as much.

Kitchen Refurbishments Always Increase Property Value When You Perform Them in the Proper Fashion

Since the kitchen is probably the most used area of any apartment, it always increases the property value when it receives a facelift. Even if you replace only the countertops with new, durable ones, you will up the value at least some if not a substantial amount.

Bathroom Remodels Also Are Worth Doing to Increase the Value of Any Apartment

The other room that plays an important role in the value of an apartment is the bathroom. Updating the tapware, lighting, toilet and vanity are just some of the suggested refurbishments to accomplish this.

Replacing Existing Flooring May Bring Monetary Rewards

Anytime that the flooring needs replacing, you will increase the market value of your apartment property by installing new flooring options. While certain apartment owners select hardwood or vinyl options for the entire apartment; we have also laid out large flooring tiles throughout, while others still prefer a bit of carpeting in the living room and bedroom areas. There is no right or wrong choice.

CEILING Overlay, Drop Ceiling or Ceiling Replacement Increases an Apartment’s Value

Nothing spoils apartment value and the ready lineup of prospective tenants as much as Worn or Damaged Ceilings. If the Ceiling is beyond help with a simple repair, you may require to replace it in one of the methods, being OVERLAY – DROP – or REPLACEMENT.

A Fresh Coat of Paint Should Always Be Part of Apartment Refurbishing and Remodeling

Do not forget to apply a fresh coat of paint to your walls to increase your apartment property value. This is typically the least expensive part of any renovation project, but you reap extra profit from including it. Neutral colours are best if you are planning on leasing or selling the apartment property.

For further details on why apartment refurbishing and remodeling are the best options to add market and tenant value to your property, consult with our company, Apartment Refurbishments. We specialise in refurbishing individual apartments and even entire complexes. Our company provides a diligent team of experts who have a strong eye for detail to ensure that all of your plans come to fruition in the perfect manner to suit your needs.