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18 years experience

Specialising in:

  • Apartment Refurbishments and Renovations since 2002
  • Providing a Complete Apartment Refurbishment and Renovation Service
  • Strata and Body Corporate Liaison


Dario Battisti

One of Sydney’s most practical yet creative and innovative Apartment Renovators in the and Inner Sydney, Eastern Suburbs and Sydney Metro areas.


Apartment Refurbishments
come in?

Consulting Service

Your unique, specific renovation ideas are always our priority, and we look forward to starting off with a comprehensive consultation in which you talk, and we listen. We’ll then guide you carefully through your best renovation plan options, as together we decide the optimum plan that fits your lifestyle.

“You know where you want to go, and we know the very best way to get you there!”

Scope of Works Formatting

Executing the proper planning and layout of your home is our first priority, and we have the professional experience to make it happen!

We’ll provide:

  • A systematic structured list outlining layout
  • A complete scope of works supplied to the Body Corporate and Strata Committee
  • Any and all additional requirements specific to your plan.

And we’ll be with you from start to finish, with a plan that works for you.

Inspection Service

Looking to buy but concerned over your budget after purchase price? We understand and this is where we’ll go to work for you.

We’ll begin with an Onsite Inspection to laser focus on all projected costs as a critical feature of our comprehensive Pre-Purchase Service.

We’re on top of it from the start, so we can smoothly guide you to your best finish!

Engineering Planning & Certification and By Law Formatting

These Two Important Services complete the Package that we at Apartment Refurbishment provide as a ONE STOP SHOP Apartment Renovation Company.

Strata and Body Corporate Liaison

All Strata and Body Corporate issues can be a touch daunting for most at first, as well as a tremendously time-consuming process for all. At Apartment Refurbishments we maintain the professional experience and expertise to ensure that your apartment transition remains smooth, secure and seamless from start to finish.

We handle these issues so you won’t have to!

Apartment Cosmetic Makeover

If your apartment is currently ready for Rental or Purchase, then you’re ready for our AR brand of efficiency when it comes to renting/purchasing your property. We ensure your property is ready to proceed on moving day and/or we’ll have it back on its prospective market within a week, all while meeting your budget on your time.

Our Cosmetic Makeover clearly declares to all interested parties that we’re ready to take the next step. Rent or Purchase, we provide the professional Cosmetic Makeover that will ensure you Top Tenant interest in your Rental, or Top Purchase Price!

Apartment Refurbishments and Apartment Renovations

Our passion and expertise are expressed in the area of refurbishments and renovations for apartments large or small. From concept to completion we work with you to create a space that is inviting, stylish and practical. Beginning with our consultation we guide you through the process so that you don’t have to worry about the planning, coordination and mind bending choices. We liaise with you and ensure your requirements are always top priority. Since our specialised expertise is apartment refurbishments and renovations, you can be assured you are in good hands.


That’s what we do.

That’s all we do!


Servicing Inner Sydney – Eastern Suburbs & Sydney Metro Area. We at Apartment Refurbishments are proud of our Client Testimonials.